Root Canal Treatment

Digital Endodontic Treatment

The so-called "root canal treatment" is a headache for many patients. Inflammatory or already dead nerve tissue is removed with a large number of filing instruments in the most conventional and laborious way. This requires a lot of time and patience on the part of the patient and the practitioner, and it is not uncommon for pain to continue for days after the treatment.

Not so in our practice!

We have been working with an innovative system from VDW Munich for 12 years now. With the ENDO Motor Reciproc Gold One File System, we are able to precisely prepare the root canals with electronic length measurement using only one file in such a way that the treatment time is extremely shortened and 99% of follow-up pain is eliminated. The accuracy of the preparation is unsurpassed.

After a healing phase, the canals are closed with gutta-percha exactly to the root tip.